Текущий список игровых предметов
Название предмета Иконка Описание


(Wooden Arrow)

Wooden Arrow

Ammo Damage: 2-6; Ammo Speed Modifier: 1

A basic arrow with sharpened end.


(Copper Arrow)

Copper Arrow

Ammo Damage: 4-12; Ammo Speed Modifier: 1

Shiny copper arrows for your crappy copper bow. They're crap it's all crap.


(Iron Arrow)

Iron Arrow

Ammo Damage: 5-15; Ammo Speed Modifier: 0.6

A standard iron arrow. Shoot it from a bow to hurt a thing.


(Bronze Arrow)

Bronze Arrow

Ammo Damage: 12-12; Ammo Speed Modifier: 0.8

A decent arrow with a bronze head.


(Silver Arrow)

Silver Arrow

Ammo Damage: 7-21; Ammo Speed Modifier: 1.2

Can be used to dispatch non-terminal, full roaming phantasms.


(Steel Arrow)

Steel Arrow

Ammo Damage: 8-24; Ammo Speed Modifier: 1.4

Straight arrows with a very low self-destruction rate. Very reliable.


(Jewel Arrow)

Jewel Arrow

Ammo Damage: 9-27; Ammo Speed Modifier: 0.5

Inject fabulousness into something with these shafts.


(Explosive Arrow)

Explosive Arrow

Ammo Damage: 1-1; Ammo Speed Modifier: 1

A big nasty arrow that blows the mess out of stuff.

NB : although, the description says the damages is 1-1, against 4-12 for the Copper Arrows for example, Explosive Arrows do a lot more damages to targets. With the Steel Bow and the Explosive Arrows, I dealed around 60 hp damages against around 12-18 with Copper Arrows on Hogs.