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(Laser Pistol)

Laser Pistol

DPS: 1-?; Energy/Second: 12; DMG Charge/Second: 2 A handheld laser pistol that intensifies when held on a target for an extended period of time. Avoid eye contact and prolonged skin exposure. Keep away from Manchildren


(Laser Pistol Mk 2)

Laser Pistol Mk2

DPS: 3-?; Energy/Second: 12; DMG Charge/Second: 6

An advanced version of the laser pistol, with a more intense beam and a faster damage ramp-up.


(Energy Slicer)

Energy Slicer

Damage: 10-15; Rate of Fire: 0/sec; Spread: 2

No Description Available.


(Tesla Rifle)

Tesla Rifle

Damage/Second: 10; Energy/Second: 13; Number of Arcs: 3
Max Arc Distance: 15.625 Tiles

A very scientific weapon that uses various kinds of science to shoot ionized bolts of energy at stuff. Arcs to nearby targets for reduced damage.


(Energy Cannon)

Energy Cannon

Damage: 1-30; Energy/Second: 10; Max Charge Time: 2.14

A manual release capacitor allows this energy-based weapon's destructive power to increase the longer the trigger is held.

! Can destroy blocks.


(Energy Shotgun)

Energy Shotgun

Damage/Beam: 4; Num Beams: 10; Range: 15 tiles; Energy Cost: 25

An energy based weapon that emits a spread of extremely concentrated and angry photons.

! Can destroy blocks.